Monday, September 27, 2010

2010.09.16 - Syrian Meatballs, Homemade Pita, Cucumber Salad, Honeydew Sorbet

Another project when you have a lot of free time is making your own pita bread.  My pitas turned out great, and the fillings equally so!  The meal was topped off with a refreshing dessert.

Syrian Meatballs with Parsley Dip

I read about Syrian beef kebabs in "The Butcher and the Vegetarian" and figured if they were the favorite meat recipe of a former vegetarian, then I should try them out!  I don't have a grill or metal kebab skewers, so I decided to make them into meatballs and bake them in the oven at 350 for 18-20 minutes.  I bet they would taste even better on the grill, but they were still very good.  A very unique flavor - I don't often have cinnamon and allspice with my meat!  I made these with beef for the dinner, and again with turkey a few days later -- the turkey ones were equally good so I'd stick with the healthier ground meat in the future.  I had an overgrowth of parsley on my balcony, so I searched for recipes that would use up a lot of it - this yogurt-based sauce did the trick. 

Pita bread and gluten free pita bread 

Making homemade pitas was time consuming but worth it!  The gluten ones puffed up amazingly well for the most part and were very delicious.  The gf ones did not pop up as well, but J took the leftovers home and reported that they puffed up a lot when she heated them up again.  The gf ones tasted more like whole wheat pitas because of the flours used -- I thought they were ok.  I think I may just not like sorghum flour.  Both kinds of pita made ample pockets or wraps for the delicious fillings.

Lemony Cucumber Salad

This was a simple romaine, cucumber, lemon vinaigrette salad that added crunch and lightness to the meatball pita sandwiches.

Honeydew Sorbet

This sorbet was easy to make and very refreshing.  It took about 15 minutes in the ice cream maker before it started to come together and really look like sorbet (trust me, I was very worried). 

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