Monday, September 27, 2010

2010.08.05 - Chicken, Tomato and Corn Pie, Smores

The tomato and corn pie was a revelation.  We couldn't get enough of it!

Honey Lime Roast Chicken

There was nothing really special about this chicken.  I couldn't really taste the honey or lime.  I always forget that I prefer marinated chickens because I don't eat the skin so flavors that are just basted get lost with the skin when eating! 

Tomato and Corn Pie

So, so, so, so good.  I subbed greek yogurt for the mayo and it turned out fine.  The biscuit-like pie crust was delicious and I want to use it in a lot more things!  Tomatoes and corn are my favorite summer produce, and they were delicious together.  It was a little more time consuming than I would like for an everyday meal, but it is totally and completely worth the work and I should have made this many more times this summer :(

Oven Baked Smores

The only way to go when you don't have a fire at your house :)

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