Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012.03.01 - Vegetable and Barley Soup, Nutella Cookies

We had been getting over some crazy snow in Seattle, so I thought a nice soup dinner was the perfect thing for the first day of March.  As usual, I served my soup with a selection of bread and cheese.

Vegetable and Barley Soup

Very delicious soup.  As Molly mentions in her post, it tastes a lot better than you think it would given the simplicity of it.  I think it is the leeks, cabbage, and parsnip that do the trick.

Modifications: I could not find pearl barley ANYWHERE in the grocery store.  I wonder if it really is there and I just couldn't find it.  I substituted with bulgur wheat.  I cooked the bulgur separately and ladled the soup over it instead of cooking the bulgur with the soup because I wanted to be able to store soup leftovers without the grain soaking up all of the liquid.

Nutella Cookies

I didn't make the sandwich part of the cookies -- just served the cookies with some marshmallow fluff.  I was really disappointed with these cookies.  They did not taste much like nutella to me (which is strange considering how much of the stuff is in the cookies) and their texture was too crisp and also greasy.

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