Friday, March 4, 2011

Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant - Lesson #4

This week was the final class in the Gum Paste and Fondant course, which meant cake project time!

During the class, we reviewed making decorative borders out of fondant (eyelets or ruffles) and covering a cake in fondant.  We were then free to decorate our cakes as we saw fit!

I knew that I wanted a green, white, and purple theme to help remind me of spring.  I made a two layer nine-inch chocolate cake (using Martha's one bowl chocolate cupcakes recipe), and coated it with leftover buttercream.  I covered it in white fondant (with only a minor mishap with not having enough fondant to cover the back side, oops!) and put it on the cake board that we made in Lesson #3.

I like the look of woven stripes, so I cut 3/4 inch stripes using the fondant cutter that came in the student kit.  I also made a band of purple to line the bottom of the cake.

I liked the simplicity of the cake at this point, but since the point of the final cake is to be a sampler of what we've learned, I figured I should add some flowers and leaves to it.  I glued on the daisies that we made in Lesson #3 and some leaves that I made at home.  I dried the leaves in the wave flower former tray that came in the Flowers and Cake Design student kit, so I had some that could fit the curve of the cake and some that would poke out.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Gum Paste and Fondant course.  The total investment was eight hours of class time and $130 for tuition ($22.50) and supplies (rest).  I could have brought that price down with better use of the many coupons that Jo-Ann crafts is always sending out.  I look forward to practicing the flowers and techniques for future cakes, and also want to try working with homemade fondant that tastes much better than the commercial stuff!

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