Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design - Lesson #3

Week 3 focused on more royal icing flowers. 

Here's what we did in Lesson 3:
  • Practiced the rose some more.  My icing was a better texture this week, so getting a little better!
  • Made the daffodil
  • Made the violet
  • Made the lily

I like the daffodils the best out of this group, although I still have not perfected them.  I made some of my decorative icing too thin, so I didn't get the characteristic ruffle effect at the top of the flower.  I thought that the violets were pretty similar to the apple blossoms.  My lilies looked like a disaster, definitely need to practice those!  I don't really like flowers that need a store bought piece to finish (the stamen), so I'm not sure how much I'll be making these.

Next week, the final cake project!

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