Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design - Lesson #4

This week was the final class for Flowers and Cake Design and my final cake decorating class overall!  I will miss the excuse to play with frosting, but I will enjoy getting my weekends back.

Final class means final cake project.  I liked daffodils the best out of what we learned in the course, so I knew that I wanted them to be the main element of the cake.  I wanted a contrasting purple flower, so I started making violets (but wasn't happy with them) and then switched to making the apple blossom, but with one center dot instead of five dots.  I iced a 6" chocolate cake with white buttercream and brought the pre-made flowers, more buttercream, and green royal icing to class.

Before starting the final cake, we covered doing a basketweave pattern in buttercream.  I wanted to do one on top of my cake, but my buttercream consistency was just not cooperating (it wouldn't stick to my cake).  Once again, the consistency issues plague me!  We also covered the reverse shell border.

I liked the look of the rope border on the class practice sheets, so I decided to do that on my cake.  I then "glued" on my flowers with buttercream and then added the leaves and grass with royal icing.  If I had thought more about it, buttercream would have probably been a better choice for the green accents, but the royal icing was much easier to work with than my poor consistency buttercream anyway.

Overall, I enjoyed this class, but liked it the least out of the three. I don't feel that we went into cake design at all and the flowers are just a little single-purpose for me.  The total investment was eight hours of class time, $22.50 for tuition, and less than $30 in supplies.  The only supplies I needed to buy were the student kit and lesson plan and confectioner's sugar for royal icing.  The rest of the supplies I had already from the Decorating Basics or Gum Paste and Fondant classes.  I see myself using the rope border, the daffodils, and the roses in the future, but I'm not sure what else.

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