Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011.04.14 - Roasted Vegetable "Enchiladas", Mexican Chocolate Cookies

I am a teeny bit obsessed with Pinterest.  It is a site that collates all of these pictures that you find and clip across the web and shows you what other people are pinning, which you can then "repin" to your own board.  I love it for making inspiration boards and gathering pictures of things I love.  I still use Delicious for my recipe storage since that's more of a searchable list interface, but Pinterest is great for tagging lovely cake designs, home ideas, and wedding ideas.

I was browsing Pinterest early last week, and saw this gorgeous picture of something called a "roasted vegetable enchilada".  I knew I had to make it for Thursday Dinner.  Have I ever turned down a roasted vegetable?

Since I was going with a "Mexican" dish, I decided to go with simple Mexican Chocolate cookies for dessert.

Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

This was great!  It really has nothing to do with enchiladas, more like a Mexican casserole.  The vegetables all went really well together (who knew cauliflower would work well in this?)  Everyone loved it and it is fairly simple to put together.  I was going to add black beans into the dish, but forgot, so I just served them on the side and mixed it all up together on my plate.

K also brought some pulled pork, which was delicious and went really well with the dish!

Modifications: I left out the poblanos (no spice for me!) and increased the amount of cauliflower, corn, and spinach.  I used a 9"x13" pan instead of 9x9 and still found that I only had room for 2 layers instead of 3.  I also omitted cilantro (ew).  I used Trader Joe's pico de gallo, and found it to not be too spicy, even though it had jalapenos in it. 

Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies

These were nice and chocolate-y with a nice spice flavor.  I love mexican chocolate most things, as long as I take it easy on the cayenne.  Although they aren't the most attractive cookies while making them, slicing and baking right out of the freezer is awesome.  I still have half a batch left in there!

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