Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010.11.11 - Mint Overload - Spiced Pork with Apples, Carrot Fries, Mint Limeade, Mint Gelato, Strawberry Tarragon Sorbet

The mint plant on my balcony was growing out of control, so this week's mission was to use it up!  I also managed to use up some of my other surpluses: apples picked at Jones Creek Farm, strawberries picked at Remlinger Farm, egg yolks hanging out in the fridge, and tarragon out on the balcony.

Spiced Pork with Apples

I thought this was pretty good.  I keep forgetting that I really detest pan cooking meat.  It makes a splattery mess, I'm always worried that the meat won't cook through before the outside burns, you have to monitor and flip, and I usually need to have two pans going to cook enough meat at once (more dishes to wash!).  Next time, I would use the rub for a pork tenderloin cooked in the oven - much easier.  I used pork loin instead of pork tenderloin since that was on sale, so I think my pork medallions were not as juicy as they could have been, but still good.  The spices really did work well with the meat.  The apples were a good way to use up excess apples, but nothing special.

Carrot Fries with Mint

I've made these before, I like them a lot.  Simple and delicious.

Mint Limeade

Juicing enough limes to get 1.5 cups of lime juice without a juicer is time consuming and difficult!  This drink was good though.  Instead of muddling mint in the glass, I infused the simple syrup with mint instead.  Next time, I would use club soda in this since I prefer fizzy drinks.

Mint Gelato

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream -- this is nothing like that.  Fresh mint ice cream has a much different flavor than ice cream made with peppermint extract.  This flavor is more palate cleansing and "adult", although I think I prefer the fake green ice cream of my childhood :)  Next time I would try adding chocolate chips to this, a suggestion from D!

Strawberry Tarragon Sorbet

I had a lot of frozen strawberries to use up, so I made this even though it didn't really go with my other ice cream.  Good texture, still not sure if I like tarragon in desserts, though.  Very refreshing and used up a lot of strawberries :)

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