Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010.11.04 - Ribollita, Spiced Applesauce Cake

I planned this menu figuring it would combat the typical rainy cold of a Seattle day in November.  Typically, Thursday ended up being one of the warmest and nicest days in recent memory.  Oh well :)


I thought this was bland, bland, bland unfortunately.  I added way more salt than the recipe called for, which helped, but it still felt there was a certain depth missing.  The recipe also didn't seem to call for nearly enough liquid - I had to add a lot more water to make it resemble soup.  I did not enjoy the "grainy" texture of the broth caused by the mashed up beans and didn't think the bread held up well (tasted like soggy sponges, basically).  Ideas for improvement: add all beans in original form (no mashing), use chicken stock instead of water, two cups less cabbage, more salt, more seasoning of some other kind, keep the bread out of the soup and serve on top with cheese like a french onion soup.

Spiced Applesauce Cake

Deb never steers me wrong.  The cake was delicious and very "fall".  Next time I think I would omit the cream cheese frosting and try a salted caramel drizzle instead (personal preference).  I also really enjoy Deb's applesauce recipe -- it is very smooth and has a good texture.

We also had a tahini-dressed kale salad (delicious!), a watercress salad, and some bagel chips and dip courtesy of C's Whole Foods trip.  Yummy!

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